Adult day care center open at Oak Park Arms

WEDNESDAY JOURNAL – An adult day care center that will give older adults opportunities to exercise, do art projects, go on outings and share memories from their pasts opened on Monday at the Oak Park Arms retirement community.


Lorry Schlichting, left, and Pat Koko decorate a wreath during the opening day of the Oak Park Arms Adult Day Care Center. Also working on a wreath is Esperanza Parrish and day care Director Marzena M’Barek. Photo by David Pierini

The facility, located on the fifth floor of the Arms where the Senior Services Center used to be, will provide socialization and stimulation for adults ages 55 and over, said the Arms’ marketing director, Jill Wagner. She said the staff wanted to make the program age-appropriate and take advantage of the fact that the participants already have life experiences. For example, Wagner said instead of just having a painting class at the day center, they could visit the Art Institute and pick out a work of art they’ve seen before to paint…. Read More ›